Green Technology

Since our foundation, we at Baufen have been committed to a sustainable future.

The formula we use in our production is specially developed for us without lead content, with harmless, health-friendly CaZn stabilizers according to European requirements for the protection of the environment and human health.

Our ambitions for the long life of our products lead to 100% recyclable window and door profiles today. In this way, we are prepared for the future in which the maximum use of recycled materials is standard.
If we assume that the lifespan of a window is about 35 years, and since PVC can be recycled up to ten times without changes in its properties, the total life cycle of the product can reach over 350 years.

Courageously and uncompromisingly, we continue to defend our firm position in the protection of nature and natural resources..
Baufen PVC profiles are produced with environmentally friendly energy and are 100% recyclable!